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The M10 makes diamond engraving affordable, practical and easy to use - for a truly professional finish.

Compact and silent

A lightweight device: the M10 Jewel is designed to be used in a shop, jewellery workshop, kiosk or on an event stand. The machine occupies less space than an A4 sheet of paper, which allows it to be installed almost anywhere.

Benefits of diamond engraving are that it's very quiet and does not cause any chipping. With very little maintenance required, this machine is ideal for a boutique or small workshop.


Developed in partnership with professional jewellers, the M10 Jewel comes with all the accessories needed for ring engraving. Thanks to the engraving assistant, you can easily produce error free, optimised fonts and fully automated adjustments, plus red pointer simulation prior to engraving.

Easy to use

A few minutes is enough to successfully complete an engraving job and obtain an excellent outcome. Texts, symbols and logos are very easily positioned on the engraveable object thanks to the GravoStyle™ software assistant. The composition is simulated on this interface before engraving begins, which avoids any errors. It is easy to install the tools and objects for engraving, as the diamond tip is automatically adjusted on the Z axis to produce outstanding results almost instantly.

M10 Jewel
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